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Heating and Furnace Services

Cedar Rapids Heating and Furnace Services

When temperatures drop, your family or business relies on their heating or furnace to work when they turn it on — the first time. After all, you deserve the warmth and comfort that comes from effective heating. There’s nothing quite like coming in from the cold into a cozy building…
…and nothing quite as miserable as having a heater or furnace stop working right when you need it most.
Your comfort is our top priority. If you need heating services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Cedar Rapids Heating and Cooling can help.

Heating and Furnace Repair

When your heater or furnace doesn’t work, you can turn to Cedar Rapids Heating and Cooling to repair it in a timely manner! Our highly skilled technicians can get your unit in operable condition in no time. We are always up-front and honest about the condition of your unit, and will let you know immediately if the problem is reparable or if the unit needs replaced.
Here are some of the most common heating and furnace repairs:

  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Inspecting unit for damage
  • Unclogging unit
  • Sensor and thermometer check ups
  • Ensuring proper electrical wiring

Don’t wait and suffer through the cold. Cedar Rapids Heating and Cooling can help heat your home again.

Heating and Furnace Replacement

While most homeowners don’t look forward to replacing heaters or furnaces, sometimes there is no other option. When that happens, you can turn to Cedar Rapids Heating and Cooling to make your heating and furnace replacement painless.

Our skilled, trained technicians can help replace your heater or furnace on-time and on-budget. There’s no need to suffer through the cold weather or wait on other technicians — we pride ourselves on offering top-notch service whenever you need us.

We also help answer your questions or concerns about replacing your heater or furnace, and promise to only recommend replacement if it’s the only viable option.

Heating and Furnace Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your furnace or heater works the first time you turn it on, every time. You don’t want your family or employees to suffer from the cold. But maintaining your heater or furnace doesn’t just help you prevent heating and furnace breakdowns. It does more than improve your unit’s reliability.

Here’s how routine heater and furnace maintenance can benefit you:

  • Increased heater efficiency and performance
  • More effective heating works quickly
  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended life of heating unit or furnace
  • Prevents costly breakdowns
  • Potentially improves your building’s air quality

Experts recommend that you get your heating and furnace unit inspected twice a year — once before winter, and once after.

Cedar Rapids Heating and Cooling’s trained, skilled technicians know what to look for. Cleaning ducts, performing preventative maintenance, and giving your unit a solid tune-up can keep your building warm through the entire winter.

After all — routine heating check-ups pay for themselves with the issues they avoid.

Heating and Furnace Installation

When the time comes to install a new heater or furnace, you want the comfort and confidence that you’ve selected the correct make, model, and unit. After all, a heater or furnace is a long-term investment that can have a dramatic effect on your utility bill for years to come.
At Cedar Rapids Heating and Cooling, our skilled technicians are here to help you from start to finish. With our assistance, you can be certain you’re getting the best heater or furnace for your building.
We help you make informed decisions about:

    • Heater speed and efficiency
    • Correct sizing for your building
    • Energy efficiency
    • High quality, long-lasting units
    • And more!

Then, our technicians will install your furnace or heater in a timely fashion, address your concerns, and answer any questions you have so you can get the most out of your unit.

If you need heating or furnace services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, call us now at (319) 281-2101